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Challenging myself to raise awareness for others with challenges.

For A Cause

My name Is Simon Kerridge and I have a passion for this beautiful world we live in. For most of my life I have lived and travelled in a way that minimises impact on our environment. I have hiked, climbed and explored all around the world, taking time to explore the natural beauty that it has to offer.

Starting in late April I will be undertaking my greatest challenge so far, Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This trail will start in Campo, on the USA/Mexico border and finish 5 months and 4265km (2650mi) later in Manning park, on the USA/Canada border. My goal throughout this journey is to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, an auto-immune disease that can cause symptoms such as extreme fatigue, weakness and lack of co-ordination.

Please join me on my journey by following my blog and social media here.

Please also share your support for my challenge by making a small donation. All Proceeds go to the ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’ campaign.

Latest Posts

The World Is on Fire

Yesterday we walked very close (7 miles) to a forest fire. This was a completely surreal experience. Some of the most amazing chaos I have ever seen. It was amazing but I hope it’s my last of this trip.

The Breaking Of The Fellowship

This is a somber tale about losing friends on the PCT, no one died, and it’s not really that somber. Kind of funny, depending on who you are in the situation. Give it a read.

The Desert Sessions

If you happened to have read one of my original blog posts, you will remember me saying: “This is an example of the great kinds of decisions you can expect from me over the coming months”. Well I’m happy to say I don’t disappoint. It only took 3 days on the PCT before I made a great call…. Welcome to week one in the desert everybody.

Base Camp

Base camp is a place for PCT hikers to all come together and prepare for the upcoming hike. Talk about gear, exchange tips, and let the anxiety inside of you spiral out of control as the clock counts down to d-day.

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