Every Adventure Begins With a Single (mis)Step

Mar 28, 2018

Hi, my name is Simon Kerridge and welcome to my website and my project “A View From Why Not”.

This entire endeavour was created through a unique series of un-calculated mis-steps. In late September 2017 I came up with the crazy Idea of Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), this is a 2,650mile (4,279km) trail from Mexico to Canada. What was I thinking? Evidently, not much. It was just an idea. You see as a hiking guide here in New Zealand I work seasonally during the summer, and have the winter to explore and spend all of my hard earned money. I thought to myself, ‘how about something different, how about a real challenge’? Enter the bad influence that lives between my ears. “Go hike for 6 months, it’ll be a great time”, it told me.

This is how most of my ideas come about.


Since that fateful day my life has been consumed with preparing for what comes next….inevitably, walking the length the United States. I set about obtaining permits, visa’s and upgrading pretty much all of my outdoor gear. Planning re-supply routes, sifting my way through an ocean of opinions, and a river of facts. I started to consider to myself, why not make this about something larger than myself? larger than any personal challenge? This is where things started to take on a life of their own. I aligned myself with various talented individuals, they have made all of this happen. All I did was have a ridiculous idea, and an unprecedented level of stubbornness, that once I had this idea, I had to make it happen.

Sometimes I get the time to hike with friends.


During the New Zealand summer season I had the good fortune of meeting some pretty inspirational people through my work. Although there are to many too recount here for you, there were three in particular, they were all MS sufferers. I could talk for days about the ways in which they were interesting and inspirational, but I also want to keep your attention. Lets sum it up. These three individuals shattered my idea of what it was to suffer from MS. In the process they taught me a lot about (unintentional)discrimination. For once the thing that lives between my ears had a good idea, “get behind this”. So, five months, and a lot interesting conversations later, here we are.

During my hike I will be supporting ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’, a campaign about hope, that together we can raise funds to accelerate research in to MS. Teaching people that MS is not a sentence to be confined to a life of immobility, is one of the biggest things I can personally do. In many cases, an MS sufferer can do all the things that the rest of us can. This is why I want to bring positive attention to MS, by challenging myself to raise awareness for others with challenges.

My resourcefulness is my greatest attribute.


Please follow my journey, and watch me fumble my way across a continent. I promise I will bring you a lot of laughs, great photos, and maybe even a little inspiration to get out there and make a difference yourself.



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