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My name Is Simon Kerridge, I am a hiking guide with Active Adventures in New Zealand. For the past 5 years I have travelled the world, enjoying as much hiking, biking, climbing and skiing as humanly possible. I am very competitive with myself, always trying to raise the bar or find my next challenge in life.
On the 30th of April I will begin my greatest challenge yet, Hiking the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). Starting near Campo on the Mexican border, it will cross 2,650miles or 4,279km through deserts, mountains and forests, ending at Manning Park on the Canadian border. During this entire time I will be carrying everything I need to survive on my back, and sleeping in the wilderness. My goal throughout this journey is to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is an auto-immune disease that can cause symptoms ranging from extreme fatigue, weakness and lack of co-ordination to loss of muscle function.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative auto-immune condition, meaning that a persons immune system is attacking their own body. In the case of MS, the immune system is breaking down the fatty covering (myelin) around nerve cells. Myelin acts like insulation around a piece of electrical wire, it keeps the signal strong and from escaping the wire until it reaches it’s intended destination. Electrical signals move through our body in a similar way, and as the myelin around the nerves is broken down the signal is weakened or in some cases may not reach it’s destination at all.

I have chosen To support the “Kiss Goodbye to MS” campaign. This was started in 2012, and has recently become a worldwide campaign. “Kiss Goodbye to MS” is a campaign about hope, that together we can raise funds to accelerate research in to MS. Why have I chosen this campaign? Through my work as a guide I have personally seen the effects that MS can have on an individual, not just physically but also mentally. I have witnessed the discrimination that people affected by MS endure on a daily basis (usually through good intentions). This attitude is bred by a lack of education and understanding. I want to bring positive attention to MS, educate people, and ultimately help make the lives of people who are impacted by MS as extraordinary as possible.

The money donated by you will be used to help and support people affected by MS in many ways. 45% of donations will be used to support Multiple Sclerosis advocacy and information programmes. 45% will stimulate research projects funded by the Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust. 10% will be used for research and access to treatment internationally through the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation

How your donations will help:

  • $20 provides someone newly diagnosed with a educational pack to learn more about MS, what it means, how to process their diagnosis and how to manage the condition.
  • $100 supports retraining opportunities for people who are unable to continue in their current employment due to their MS.
  • $300 subsidises the cost of a Field Worker to attend a multi-day annual educational meeting to up-skill their knowledge to best support people with MS, their families and carers in their region.
  • $500 helps the Multiple Sclerosis foundation advocate for people with MS giving access to first world treatments, resources and services. 
  • $1000 boosts national and international research looking at improving the lives of people living with MS today and in the future.

Please take the time to sponsor me on my journey, every dollar donated goes to the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign. I am aiming to raise $30 for every mile I walk, so please sponsor me for a mile today

Please join me on my journey by following my blog and social media here.

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